It’s Crystal Clear

Have you ever belonged to a gem and mineral club or noticed a particularly pretty stone in front of you on a path in the forest?

Did you pick it up and place it at the corner of your desk or on your bedside table?  Do you ever wear any crystals on your arm or your finger? Continue reading

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Violets are Blue

The violet prefers the shady spot

We all have a never-ending song of happiness and comfort in our heart.
Let it especially be heard today:   Happy Mother’s Day

At this time of year walking through the garden are moments of pure pleasure. Flowers and colors everywhere but one that really catches my eye is the violet. Its bluish, purple color brightens up whatever shady corner it has chosen. Continue reading

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The Merry, Merry Month of May

Gaze at the night sky during the month of May and you’ll see that it seems brighter than ever.

For 3 weeks during the month of May, Jupiter and the Sun will travel side by side sending forth positive, happy and optimistic energy.  Both planets move through the sign of Taurus and wherever this occurs in your chart, you will feel more confident and be more optimistic about new possibilities.   All this will make your life more easygoing. Continue reading

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Mother Earth’s News

grow a new youThank you for coming.
Thank you for taking the time to be here.

This is the time of year when Mother Earth awakens, shows us blooming trees, ornamental plants, her green meadows and newly planted fields.

This is the time of the year when we do spring cleaning in our gardens, turn our compost, amend the soil, sharpen our tools and … plant. Continue reading

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Tra la la …we’re off to the opera!


My years as a teenager attending Wagnerian operas in an opera house with red velvet seats are passé.  My memories of a stiff looking baritone singing his aria on a stage set with antique pieces of furniture are also part of the past.

“Live in HD at the Met” is here and here to stay.  Last weekend I was one of three million opera fans world wide to be part of the new electronic world of opera.  What an exciting experience!
Continue reading

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Venus: “Oh My Stars…it’s Mars!”

So, Mars,  if I well understand, you move forward and backward in your cycles around the zodiac.

Well said, my dear.  Today is the day I move forward and that certainly ends a stressful period for me.  Everything seemed to go topsy-turvy during the last three months.  I was cranky, pushy and obnoxious with everyone around me. Continue reading

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The Man in The Moon

Greetings from your lunatic blogger.

ET The Extra-Terrestrial (moon)

The man in the moon, Moon river, Fly me to the Moon…

My mind is scattered and as you easily see this blog is written under the influence of the full moon. I can’t get my ideas together and it’s rather hard to type in a strait jacket. My mind is going in  circles, whatever little is left of it. I imagine a roulette wheel stopping and pointing to zero, zero….. Continue reading

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For only 2 bucks

The MegaMillions jackpot was the excitement of the evening.
Too tempting not to participate since I had never purchased a lottery ticket in my life. My ticket would be registered among millions of others.  How is that for an adrenaline rush? Continue reading

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Spring into Action

Spring into action

Plant your seeds and pull up your weeds, spring is here.

Can you feel it in your step and smell it in the air?  The dogwoods are abloom (word I invented!), oak, hickory and maple trees are unfolding their tender leaves while the iris stands straight and erect ready to bloom.  The birds are chirping and singing in the trees and the honey bees are “winging it” from one flowering plant to another.   Any more proof needed to give you a feel of the springy season? Continue reading

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